2022-04-25 22:51

Every person has individual celebration days. Depending on the embedding in a group, further bank holidays apply. Some of it are religious, others are national or even regional. The 25th of April is the italian liberation day of the fascism, a quite contemporary occasion, because it should give to think about the rising conflicts in eastern Europe and the ongoing crisis situations.

The celebration gives an occasion to think about the past and its implications to the present.


2022-04-10 22:13

Advocating for a good cause is helping to improve the world. Judging about good and bad causes is the art of wisdom. Some good practices for judging are evaluating the impact of the cause, considering the sustainability, balancing winning parties against loosing parties and last but not least looking for the acceptance in the society.

Problems are arising, when the good cause is not the main driver for lobby-activities, but achieving personal advantages. The fine line to regard is the border between legality and illegality, but often evading certain rules is the main art of lobbyists. An extreme form of lobbying is found in criminal organizations or similar constructs.


2022-03-27 22:49

History is repeating and likely it is offering not only a look to ever similar problems but as well to their solutions or non-solutions. The 10 Plagues of Egypt or 7 bowls of the Armageddon symbolize larger disruptions of societies. The first as a past event as an example, the second as a metaphoric warning post to deal wisely.


2022-03-20 23:28

Are we living in a dystopian world or is just the view on it currently biased by some difficulties? Economic crisis, Climate crisis, Pandemy, War in Ukraine suggest the possibility of a bad direction of future development with harsh changes and little optimistic outlooks. Many movies draw such dystopian environments, many of it slipped into it after an apocalyptic tipping point. As I’m grown up with such movies and somewhere in the background of my childhood I remember noticing the Gulf war as a first moment of global crisis, the spectrum of thinking is very wide and even under pessimistic circumstances the hope for a good future big.


2022-02-27 01:03

Negotiating in a way both parties come to a benefit. In this way every negotiation is perceived positive and progress can be made. At the moment we have many geopolitical situations where we se positive and negative examples. Let’s find out which approach brings further.


2022-02-26 00:30

The range of something is the “area” something is able to cover. A scream is noticed in the close neighbourhood, an atomic bomb impact has immediate consequences within many chilometers and is noticed around the world.

Posting something can have similar differences in the orders of magnitude depending of the range of the post. Social media is an echo chamber to generate range and to amplify the content. Genuine content is the basis, but the shoulders of giants offer the leverage.