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Start and practice

2020-11-06 00:50

Environments are changing continuously, sometimes steadily, sometimes disruptively, with smaller leaps and bigger leaps. My personal environment is transitioning in a new normal mode: Change all around with great opportunities to study and tinker around. Some people are forced to change with all the consequences to mental strain, I still enjoy it. But through all the input that is coming along, I see the shortlivedness of such thoughts and with beginning to write I want to overcome the fading away of this inputs.

So first things first: Podcasts are currently my main source of inspiration and two episodes of Chase Jarvis podcast gave the kicker to begin: 252-The art of done and 255-Seth Godin. Seth Godins Akimbo-Podcast is furthermore a weekly fixed point to better understand the mechanics of our society.

Given above introduction this post is a first step to sort out the thoughts turning around in my head.