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2022-02-27 01:03

Negotiating in a way both parties come to a benefit. In this way every negotiation is perceived positive and progress can be made. At the moment we have many geopolitical situations where we se positive and negative examples. Let’s find out which approach brings further.


2022-02-26 00:30

The range of something is the “area” something is able to cover. A scream is noticed in the close neighbourhood, an atomic bomb impact has immediate consequences within many chilometers and is noticed around the world.

Posting something can have similar differences in the orders of magnitude depending of the range of the post. Social media is an echo chamber to generate range and to amplify the content. Genuine content is the basis, but the shoulders of giants offer the leverage.


2022-02-16 22:26

Wenn die feine Technik fehlt, muss durch rohe Kraft ausgeglichen werden und über die Zeit machen sich die Defizite bemerkbar.

Problem lösen

2022-02-10 23:53

Quelle muss nachgereicht werden… Lange intensiv über das Problem nachdenken, von allen Seitenbetrachten, die Problemstellung verinnerlichen und dann etwas ganz anderes machen, am besten ganz andere Hirnregionen beschäftigen und die Lösung des Problems geht unterbewusst weiter.


2022-02-09 23:20

The first incarnation of the internet were distributed nodes connected together to have the ability to communicate and exchange data. The connections got centralized by bundling it at ISP’s and the connection itself became commodity.

The second incarnation were distributed participants becoming their own content providers and establishing their information bubbles. The networking got centralized by various social networks and the content distribution became commodity.

The third incarnation is evolving right now with decentralized blockchain technology. Completely trustless participation. How the centralization will be organized and the future is shaped, is still open