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2022-04-25 22:51

Every person has individual celebration days. Depending on the embedding in a group, further bank holidays apply. Some of it are religious, others are national or even regional. The 25th of April is the italian liberation day of the fascism, a quite contemporary occasion, because it should give to think about the rising conflicts in eastern Europe and the ongoing crisis situations.

The celebration gives an occasion to think about the past and its implications to the present.


2022-04-10 22:13

Advocating for a good cause is helping to improve the world. Judging about good and bad causes is the art of wisdom. Some good practices for judging are evaluating the impact of the cause, considering the sustainability, balancing winning parties against loosing parties and last but not least looking for the acceptance in the society.

Problems are arising, when the good cause is not the main driver for lobby-activities, but achieving personal advantages. The fine line to regard is the border between legality and illegality, but often evading certain rules is the main art of lobbyists. An extreme form of lobbying is found in criminal organizations or similar constructs.