2020-12-05 22:43

“why wander far away when the good is so close” J. W. Goethe

Streaming setup for video-conferences and Co.: OBS, YouTube/Facebook, Webcam, Headphones with mic. Investments in the quality can be infinite, recently in a chat between podcasters it was even mentioned a ~3.000 Euro mic for a decent quality. Sound quality is still unresolved, but Video I made a leap forward.

My setup beyond the Notebook Webcam was an Aukey-Full-HD camera with a very wide angle, advantages and disadvantages. Today I saw the good old EOS 60D on the shelf and was wondering around if a streaming-setup was possible. Indeed 1080p@25fps is feasible with very low effort. Mini-USB-Cable and gphoto2 via v4l2. For longer use than little testing a power-adapter may be necessary but the first steps were easy and satisfactory.